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ByTheR Casanova Stud Vest
Product code : 6RSELFAA0009148
Price : $54.00 USD
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Made in : KR
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장바구니담기 관심상품담기 추천메일





ByTheR 에서 야심차게 준비한 카사노바 스터드 베스트 입니다
화면에서 보여지듯이 Front 에 화려하게 부착된 핫픽스 디테일이 압권인 제품이구요
빛에 반사되는 느낌이 너무나 환상적이어서 말로는 다 표현이 안되는 제품입니다
black Silver 두가지 컬러로 제작이 되었구요
어느 컬러하나 흠잡을때 없는 제품입니다
핫픽스 크기와 vest 라인을 잡기 위해 여러번 샘플링이 이루어 졌구요
여러번 샘플링을 한만큼 자신있게 선보이는 제품입니다
4계절 모두 멋지게 코디할수 있구요
자켓속에 착용하시면 포인트로 활용이 가능하구요 단독으로 착용하셔도 나만의 룩을 연출 할수있습니다
평범함을 거부하시는 바이더알 패밀리 여러분께 적극 추천드립니다!!!

핫픽스 부분은 핫픽스 전용 프레스기로 옷은 만들기 전에 패브릭 자체에 튼튼하게 부착이 되어서
쉽게 떨어지지 않고 오랫동안  처음느낌 그대로 착용할수 있습니다






Material (소재
cotton blend
Elasticity (신축성)
Laundry (세탁방법)
dry cleaning
black / silver
Arm length (팔길이)
Chest width (가슴폭)
47 cm
Total length (몸통길이)
55 cm
Shoulder extent (어깨넓이)
35 cm


1. Payment by PayPal(Credit card)
   Our PayPal account : byther@naver.com
※ Payment should be made within 7 days since placing the order. The order will be automatically cancelled otherwise.
2. Payment by Wire transfer(Direct Bank transfer)
  Name : BYTHER
  Address : 4F, 383, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, KOREA. 110-550
  Tel : +82-10-4368-7774
  Account Number : 018301-04-162306
  Bank Name : KOOKMIN BANK
  Swift Code : CZNBKRSE
  Bank Address : Seongdong br, 2523, Hwanghak-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, KOREA
  Nation : SOUTH KOREA
3. payment by WesternUnion
  If you want to use WesternUnion, you can choose 'Wire Transfer' in the Select payment Method section.
  And let us know your name, match number, country, and purchase amount at Q&A board. Please upload your post with private
  Our WesternUnion info,
  Nation : SOUTH KOREA   City : SEOUL  
  Last name : LEE     First name : INWON

   1. Shipping method : FedEx / EMS
 2. Shipping cost : Shipping fee will be calculated by destinations and item weights based on EMS rates (please refer EMS shipping rates in FAQ)
                          FedEx shipping rates are higher than those of EMS, however, we will cover the difference if we ship via FedEx.  
 3. Delivery time : 3~9 business days, Full Tracking available.
You can check your shipping status in the 'order info' menu. Tracking information may be available 1~2 business days after shipment is sent from South Korea.
We will mark all our shipments as a gift/sample and Low value for low taxes. Though Most of the packages will not be charged for customs border taxes. However, custom tax is the buyer's responsibility. If the delivery is returned because of the customer's absence, he should pay for the return fee

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We will issue a refund excluding the shipping fee. But if the mistake is ours, we will be glad to give a full refund. All delivery fees related to refunds/exchanges should be paid by the buyer.
Size Notification.
The actual size of items in our site is smaller than US/European sizes.
'd better check the size table before purchasing the item.

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Phone : +82-10-4368-7774,  Post code : 110-826
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Every member who wants to return items should return it by EMS(or any air shipping method that provides tracking service).
When you are returning the package, Please leave a memo for us with the reason for exchanges/refunds and your ID or the order number.

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